Art and History at Stonehenge

Year 5 pupils enjoyed their trip to Stonehenge. They experienced it in all its glory on a wind lashing day which just added authenticity to their journey back to the Neolithic Period.

They learnt about where and how the blue stones and sarsen stones came from and explored the methods of how they were moved. They contemplated the many possible reasons for which Stonehenge was built. The children were encouraged to run to Durrington Barrows burial site where they collapsed in their own circle on the top, just as the sun came out to shine on the exposed mound. They observed and handled the artefacts that have been found in archaeological digs and then buried them with our burial volunteer, Henry Bishop. Before leaving the site and to mark the ritual, the children made up a chant and rhythm with shakers and rhythm sticks and in procession chanted their way back to the bus.

From here we had lunch, luckily not Stone Age style, but nicely packed and provided by the Prior chefs. After lunch, Mrs Brookes, our Art teacher, set Year 5 to work on Stone Age town planning. They observed and drew the houses built as replicas of those historians believe were Stone Age design. During future Art and History lessons, they will extend this cross-curricular project and use ceramics to make miniature impressions of a Stone Age village.

Pulling a sarsen stone was a challenge but they managed as a team to pull the huge weight a little. The Stonehenge digital presentation in the amphitheatre was magical and inspiring, particularly watching the sun rise and set between the Winter and Summer solstices. To finish their visit to this historic site, the children had time to relax and embed their learning by searching for artefacts in the museum.

A super day had by all.