Anglo-Saxon Adventure

To learn what it was like to live in an Anglo Saxon Village, Prior Park Prep School children visited Lea Woods for their Anglo-Saxon day on Monday. They stepped back in time to life in 'Angle-land' and had to learn quickly what they would have had to do to live and survive, over a thousand years ago.

There first task was to find food. The children learnt about foraging, discovering which trees, plants and animals would have made up the Anglo-Saxon diet and were safe to eat. They looked closely at the plants and handled an animal skull to find out more. Roaming and searching, they found some possible sources of food, but were not so keen on the idea of red squirrel for lunch! 

Shelter was the next priority for their survival, so the band of merry Anglo-Saxons returned from foraging to build a village. The pupils split into groups to create round house shelters. With their teachers acting as observers, the children were free to construct their roundhouses providing them witht he opportunity to work constructively together and to find ways of making fair building decisions. 

Spoon whittling commenced after lunch giving the children a chance to craft their own spoon out of clay and make tools, much like their ancestors may have done. With tools in hand the children were able to sharpen Hazel whips to enable them to toast some marshmallows, before returning to the present day.