A Roman Feast for Year 3

A very excited group of Year 3 pupils enacted a Roman Feast last week. Dressed in full Roman attire, each child took part as either a slave, entertainer or master.  

The feast started with entertainment. We were treated to a selection of Roman myths told by Mrs Kinder which she accompanied with her harp and with Amy-Jane on the recorder. The slaves were put to work preparing the feast which included honey chicken, olives, dates and even a dormouse (well, the white chocolate variety). 

The entertainers kept the masters happy with a variety of acts including dancing, musical performance, poetry and jokes. In true Roman style the masters were served their food first by the poor hungry slaves followed by the entertainers and then finally the slaves were able to tuck in.  

The children really entered into the spirit of the event and it was an enjoyable way to end of their Roman topic.