Religious Education

We encourage pupils to enjoy the challenges presented in the learning of Religious Education to explore their own sense of spirituality through curiosity and questioning. 

We encourage pupils to develop open minds to new and different concepts and to form opinions based on evidence and discussion.

Pupils learn about their own Christian heritage and traditions, including an appreciation and understanding of the Old and New Testament as well as an understanding and appreciation of Mass, the Sacraments, Saints and other inspirational Christians. Through the teaching of Religious Education we ensure that pupils learn about and respect other world religions in order to be part of a tolerant and multicultural society.

In Pre-Prep, regular assemblies focus on festivals, bible and moral stories and the Prior Way. The children are taught to think and care about others and each class has a kindness tree to celebrate individual’s thoughtfulness. We enjoy celebrations and our Harvest assembly and Nativity play are highlights in the school year for our children and their families.

Skills move from the more descriptive to the evaluative – from simple to the complex as we prepare pupils for Common Entrance and Scholarship.

Pupils will enhance their spiritual, moral, cultural and social development as they learn both about and from religion. 

All senior pupils are introduced to the experience of a retreat. Year 6 pupils have an annual residential retreat. Other learning opportunities include a trip to Gloucester Cathedral to learn and experience what life was like for Benedictine medieval monks as well as a trip to a Buddhist temple to learn the ancient practice of meditation.

We ensure that all pupils are taught values which are found in the teachings of all world religions, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. We encourage pupils to follow the Prior Way in all aspects of their lives – to listen to their conscience and to be guided by the principle to ‘love thy neighbour’.

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